The Power of Home Staging 

Visual Storytelling

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Putting your home on the market is no small endeavor and it’s typical for sellers to experience the gamut of emotions during this potentially stressful time. It’s totally normal to need extra support from people you can trust. OnStage offers beautifully curated and customized designs to help market and sell your home. Staging your property frees up your time and increases your sale potential – it’s a simple solution that makes your life much easier. Through our innovative and consistent staging, we provide the highest quality of work to our clients with quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing. 

Whitley Wirkkala

With a degree and strong background in marketing, Whitley is the driving force behind the design and brand of OnStage, the home staging industry leader. After joining OnStage in 2015, she was able to apply her design and marketing skills to break into the already competitive Seattle market. By heavily focusing on design elements and a consistent product in each property, her work attracted high end builders and top producing agents. She currently oversees the design in the Portland, Seattle and San Francisco markets. She has instilled strong design values in her team to ensure that every project they undertake delivers a complete package that never fails to awe and inspire.

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